Suda Notes

Online meeting tools / product design

Remote or work from home has been the New Normal. Team collaboration and mettings , even offline conferences become online. There are more and more tools created and built to support our remote life and work.

Which online meeting tool are you using? Here are five tools maybe you have used.


Google Meet

FaceTime or Other chat app

Tencent Meeting

Slack or other collaboration tool

Zoom is the first online meeting tool for me, I mean it’s not the first online real-time video communication. Yes, if you are in China like me, and you must have a QQ number, so maybe your first collaboration or video talk is in the QQ. And it support remote window, many people in China know how to use it.

Online collaboration tool change this game.

I thought most reason is about privacy and communication issues. If you juse hold a meeting with someone only once you really do not want to share your personal social account, so Zoom is boom! Just a link through the browser or app, we come into a meeting room, talk and smile, then we leave, we are not friends in life.

Every social chat app support online meeting, but not all of them could support user who hasn’t this chat app account.

If you are product designer or manager, I think you must have thought these.

Not all the business model need your private information.

— 2022年2月11日